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Where love, passion and creativity merge into amazing memories captured forever! 

I am a Nelspruit based, professional Wedding and Lifestyle photographer.  

I love capturing Wedding, Family, New born, Maternity, Architectural and Nature images. 

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Photographing the special moments in life, the glorious sunset over the mountains, the stolen gaze between a new husband and wife, a mother’s calming touch to her new born. That is what I love about photography. I have a photo journalistic approach and style. My candid shots ignore all pretenses and illustrate the reality that is, the amazing life we have on earth.  Emotions, family bonds, the beauty of a well designed building and the wonderful sights of nature are what drive my passion to be there, camera at the ready.

When it comes to Wedding and Lifestyle photography I find a special charm in Black and White photography, here the focus of the viewer is forced on the emotion of an image.  I am constantly amazed with how the impact of an image is changed with the mere removal of colour clutter.

Beautiful architecture fascinates me.  As a photographer I look for those unique and often overlooked features, and highlight it by playing with interesting perspective and lighting effects.

The wondrous thing about nature photography is that no two things are ever the same.  In a field of flowers you will find no two identical flowers.  No two sunsets will ever be the same and even in a herd of Zebra, every Zebra has a distinctive stripe pattern.  The uniqueness of these elements are what intrigues and inspires me. 

Being unique, freezing moments in time to be cherished forever, documenting life.


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